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Squirrels – 4 to 6 years

We’ve started a new provision for four to six year olds called Squirrels, to help young people gain skills for life at a time when it matters most and where it's most needed. The start of the scouting journey, helps with boosting the confidence of our young people, helps with social situations from a very young age, lots of fun whilst learning essential life skills

Our Squirrel Drey Bramble Wood meet every Wednesday (in term time) from 5pm till 6pm at our Scout hut in Brentry unless the programme states otherwise. It is the first in the district and recently celebrated its 1st Birthday. 

We have an amazing team of leaders and young leaders who support the Squirrels.

Our Squirrel Team are:

Sharon - Mouse 

Kayley - Robin

Katie - Hedgehog     

Natalie - Fox

Ronnie - Rabbit

Beth - Wolf

Louise - Butterfly


Young leaders are:

Izzy - Bumblebee

Ed - Dragonfly

Our Squirrel Promise :

I promise to be kind and helpful

and to love our world

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